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Hunchback Corrector BABAKA Posture Wear

Hunchback Corrector BABAKA Posture Wear
Hunchback Corrector BABAKA Posture Wear Hunchback Corrector BABAKA Posture Wear
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If you've spent years hunched over a desk, spend hours on the road or just woke up one day, looked in the mirror and realized that your posture is not what it used to be, it's high time you invested in this high quality posture corrector which will gently but effectively mould you back into shape.

This strong yet light weight upper body support can be worn discreetly under your regular clothing and will instantly make you appear taller, straighter and more self-assured.

The support has 3 primary sections which work to correct your posture as you carry on with your day to day activities:

Waist Band: provides support for the abdominals and straightens the back
Pulling Belt: balances the vertebrae pushing them back in to their natural position, throws chest forward, pulls back into a straighter position
Shoulder Straps: draw shoulders back correcting 'desk slump' otherwise known as upper cross syndrome.
Years of abusing our postures can leave us in pain and looking hunched over and unconfident – try the posture corrector now and experience the joys of being ache-free at the end of the working day - and admire the new you as you start to walk tall again.

Please provide me with your measurement for best fittings. I will find you the correct one.

Gently yet effectively corrects bad posture habits that are so easy to fall in to
Light weight breathable fabric
Can be worn discreetly under your clothes
Walk taller and gain confidence as soon as you put the posture corrector on!

L 24-27 inches waist below 168cm

XL 28-31 inches waist 168cm 

XXL 32-35 inches waist 175cm and above

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This item has been sold: 61 times